• The solution is to package your expertise into a high-value

    Online Signature Program.

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    What is a Signature Program

    and Why is it Valuable?

    A Signature Program is a MUST HAVE asset to get paid handsomely while creating a body of work that makes a difference on a grand scale.


    A Signature Program can also be described as...

    • A "how to" process you have developed that you can put into a course to teach others.
    • A “Signature process” or “signature system” you’ve created that gets your clients results.
    • A solution you've discovered based on your story (something you’ve overcome or figured out personally or professionally).
    • Your subject matter expertise or the synthesis of what you have studied/done for years. 
    • Your Thought Leadership or Intellectual Property.
    A Signature Program will distinguish you from others in your field, have others seek you out as the go-to expert, and allow you to command premium rates.
    With my SIGNATURE PROGRAM process that I teach, you will learn the simplest way to create it so you can parlay it into multiple income streams with minimal work.


  • ANNOUNCING the...

    "CREATE Your Signature Program"

    Virtual Workshop

    In a single day, through our proven system I will help you dial-in your zone of genius and unique Intellectual Property and package it into a high-value SIGNATURE PROGRAM you can immediately use to create high-end clients and generate Multiple Streams of Income online.

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  • The #1 comment we hear from our clients:

    "I wish I'd discovered you years ago, before I spent thousands of dollars on programs and courses that left me with nothing to show for it."

  • Stop taking courses...

    Finally create one of your own.


    You and I are so heavily marketed to online, it can feel challenging to weed through the marketing promises and find whom we can trust to help us get the results we desire.


    We get it. That's why we focus on ensuring our promise matches what we can actually deliver. (And we will help you do the same so that you can be a light in this online marketing space.)


    Let me be straight with you... You don't need more information. What you need is help IMPLEMENTING.


    You don't just need to know WHAT to do... you need help APPLYING it to your specific situation.


    IMPLEMENTATION is what we specialize in... and doing it in a concentrated period of time so you can get immediate results.



    A signature program of your own ready to market and fill.



    "GET 'ER DONE!"


    Our clients affectionately call our virtual workshop the "GET 'ER DONE!" workshop.


    The main distinction between us and all the other programs you can take online, is that we don't just give you a bunch of materials to go through on your own.

    You won't just sit and listen to me teach for hours.

    You won't be one of hundreds of students hoping the instructor may answer your question yet knows very little about you.


    No, we roll up our sleeves and we dive into YOUR BUSINESS to laser focus in on identifying your Zone of Genius and step-by-step package it into a high-value Signature Program you are proud of.



    We specialize in helping our clients create high-end, high-value group programs that stand out in their industry.


    In this day and crowded marketplace, you MUST have a clear and unique offer, otherwise your message will be drowned out by all the other noise.


    You will learn the power of leverage so that you will be able to reach many more people who seek to transform their lives... without having to expand your working hours.


    Get exactly what you need so you can design, develop, package, price and deliver your Signature program...even if you've tried many times before.



    Best of all, once you discover the repeatable steps and framework in the CREATE program, you will be able to use the steps over and over again for any future program you desire to create.


    You'll learn the exact step-by-step Signature formula Vanessa who has used to create 3 programs that each yield multiple six figures to $1M+ and has helped hundreds of students to create programs of their own.

  • In our virtual workshop you won't just learn HOW to create a valuable Signature Program...


    You will walk away with your program

    and income model completely DONE!

    Sound too good to be true?



    "Everything Vanessa promised in her program, she produced. And that's hard to find these days on the Internet."

    Cecil Doggette, Founder & Creator of High PROformance Academy

  • "Accomplished more in this program than I did in the last 3 years on my own because of the personal attention I received."

    Kristi Kotary, WorkWithKristi.com

  • "It was absolutely life changing & the first program I've taken where I actually walked away



    I made my investment back and quit my job

    within 2 weeks."

    Hayley Findlay, Founder of Transformation Retreats and Adventure

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    "Vanessa delivers MORE than she promises."

    "Vanessa was able to establish a level of trust with me that I did not expect to receive from an online class. Her style is what compelled me to sign up for the program because she shares her knowledge, expertise and delivers more than she promises. She gives you all the tools you need to be successful and the workbook exercises provide you with clarity and direction. She is authentic and genuine and her team is very responsive to your needs."

    ~Heather Clarke-Peckerman, Executive Consultant

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    "I followed Vanessa's step-by-step system to attract 45 clients & earn 6-Figures in 90 days."

    "I wanted a step-by-step system to reach my goals of earning 6-figures while serving my purpose.

    "Not only did I get a bigger picture of my possibilities, and discover the value of a high paying client. I also recognized a message I had been wanting to share for a long time.

    "Since then, what’s happened is really amazing. I began with a dead start in September. Just 90 days after beginning this program, I attracted over 45 clients, most of whom were paying $3,000 or more, giving me a 6-figure income."

    ~ Jeff Carlisle, CEO MyNetworkingMentor

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    "I made $13,000 within my first month!"

    "Before coming into Signature, I struggled with charging what I was worth, simplifying my training content and uniquely positioning myself in the market place.


    Since being in Signature, I feel most proud about my confidence in charging premium prices that I now sell with ease. I’ve simplified my program training to help my clients get the best results and my peak interest statement to attract ideal clients.


    And within a month of signing up I have landed 3 high-end clients totaling over $13,000 in sales using Vanessa's formula."

    ~Angel Coleman
    Founder & Creator of Profit With Style

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    "I already made $40,000 and filled my program 6 times!"

    "Before coming into Signature, I struggled with not knowing how to set up a successful online marketing platform for my program.


    Now that I have gone through Create, I am most proud about being well on my way to having all the pieces in place for it to generate limitless income."


    ~Charity Bradshaw
    Founder and Creator of LAUNCH, Author Edition

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    "Vanessa helped me create and launch my own Academy!"

    "I am a lifelong entrepreneur and former 16-year professional football player and coach.


    Before coming into Signature, I struggled with clarity. I had so many ideas wrestling around in my head that it caused me to waste a ton of time, energy, and money.


    After my first coaching session with Vanessa and her team, they were able to find my "Level 10." Vanessa asked us all a question on one of her fabulous webinars that really hit home for me and subsequently helped me dial in on this journey. The question that was asked and that greatly impacted me was...


    "If this were the last year of your life, what would you do/what would you create?" Wow!


    And so High PROformanceTM Academy was born. I am here to serve. I have been told by many that I have gift - a gift to inspire, a gift to motivate, a gift to get the best out of people."


    ~Cecil Doggette,

    Founder & Creator of High PROformance Academy

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    "This program gave me the strength to put myself out there & launch my program with confidence."

    "Before working with Vanessa I had so many ideas whirling round in my mind that I couldn't get clarity on what I wanted to achieve in my work and how I wanted to go about it.

    I worked with Vanessa in her Signature Series program. What can I say except wow, wow, wow! Vanessa is motivating, clear, driven and encouraging. She is so talented at drawing out how you can best serve the world with your message and how that message should be delivered. Vanessa has made me feel vulnerable in the most positive way and has given me the strength to put myself out there and launch my signature program with confidence.

    After working with Vanessa I feel empowered and I am fully on the path to success in my business and provide clients with the solution to their lifelong weight problems."


    ~ Catherine Hyde

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    "Immediately enrolled 8 clients into my course I created with Vanessa's help."

    "Before joining Signature, I really felt lost and confused. I had gone to many trainings and still could not identify what my message was or what I wanted it to be. I had no direction and I definitely did not have a signature training program.


    But upon entering Series 1 CREATE Your Signature Program, all the worksheets, the checklists, the transcripts, and the individual coaching specifically helped me out. They talked to me about my personal situation and how I could figure out the areas that I was struggling in. They had group coaching but what I feel what I needed was a lot of the individual attention, which I did receive in this training program.


    So once this training program was complete, I had a message. I had a clear direction of who my ideal client was. We narrowed the client down to a specific niche. And I had the components of my training program, the modules laid out, the title of the program.


    I had accomplished more in this program than I did in the last three years trying to do this on my own, and trying to take other trainings that didn't offer the individual attention that this program did."


    ~Kristi Kotary,

    Founder & Creator of Endless Leads, Endless Possibilities


    1. You are driven by a passion to make a positive contribution with your gifts.

    You know your work transforms lives, but you need help packaging and messaging it properly to find your ideal market that is hungry for it.

    2. You know you are sitting on a goldmine with your work.

    You are good at what you do and you know you are sitting on a gold mine, but you are uncertain how to package your signature work so that you can stop being the best kept secret in your industry.​

    3. You are tired of trading time for money.

    You want a way to leverage your time and talents better ... but you're stuck trading time for money, and spinning with ideas but not getting traction with any of them. A lot of our clients come to us because they are burned out doing one-on-one work.

    3. You love what you do, you just need more clients.

    If you are like most coaches, consultants, and service providers with whom we speak, you love what you do. You just need more of the clients you love!

    5. You've been searching for a business model that won't burn you out.

    If all the advice you have been given seems to be overwhelming and, worse yet, doesn't seem to be producing results you are in the right place. You will learn how to leverage one program into multiple streams of income and how to powerfully leverage your service delivery via groups.


    Spots are limited!


    Because of the personal attention I offer my clients, the number of spaces is limited. I want to offer each participant a truly transformational environment so, sadly, I must close the doors when the course is full. At that time, you will be eligible to join a waiting list.


    As soon as you pay, you will get access to the online training library so you can begin preparing for your forthcoming workshop.


    I've made the investment in this exceptional program so incredibly reasonable that it will

    easily pay for itself with just one client. I'll show you how!


    We've run this workshop dozens of times. We've perfected the experience so that we can GUARANTEE that you will walk away the tangible results, including the following:

    1. Be able to confidently and succinctly answer the question, “What do you do?”

    We will help you avoid speaking in paragraphs or in words your ideal audience does not understand. Instead, we’ll craft your response in 1-2 sentences that has them asking YOU for more information! (We teach you how to be pursued instead of being the pursuer!)

    2. Identify clearly whom you serve.

    We will get this so super clear, you will never wonder dread the “niche” question again. And we don’t teach this like it is typically taught typically. You'll discover how clarity about YOURSELF helps you attract your ideal clients.

    3. Identify what problem you solve for your ideal clients in a way that they understand!

    One common problem we’ve seen with transformational coaches and consultants is that they use language that sounds either too academic, corporate, aloof or ethereal, and unfortunately does not connect with their audience. We will solve this together so that it makes it easy for your perfect clients to say yes to working with you!

    4. Positioned to stand out.

    Ever wonder what was your unique selling proposition? Gaugh, Vanessa used to hate that question when she first started as a coach! We help you figure a message that stands out amongst all the coaches or consultants who do what you do.

    5. Name your program.

    We'll teach you the important elements to include in your signature program title so that it is attractive to your ideal clients.

    6. Develop your Intellectual Property into clear modules and steps.

    The modules of your program are the steps, teaching and exercises you do with your clients to ensure they get the results of your work. We will show you how to put this together so that your clients have an extraordinary result from working with you.


    Also, your program modules can be repurposed to create multiple income streams. We will show you how.

    7. Determine your best pricing structures.

    You will walk away with a premium price for your program about which you are confident. Finally stop doubting yourself and learn what it takes to be able to be able to charge high-fees.

    8. Ascension model identified with upsells & downsells.

    Want to learn how to make more money without having to do more marketing? Enter upsells and downsells. We strategically help you craft your business so you make more money by working smarter, not working harder. Gain additional revenue from your Signature Program without doing extra work (and make it easier for more prospects to say "yes" at different price points).

    9. Create your delivery model for multiple streams of income.

    Discover how ONE Program can easily be turned into Multiple Streams of Income. The value of this is that you can have one marketing system without having to spend money trying to market each individual offer. We cover the following income streams that can be leveraged from the program we will create together. Choose the one(s) that works best for you:

    • VIP DAYS - Be in the top 1% of high paid coaches/consultants who are able to charge $1,500-$10,000 as your day rate.
    • SPEAKING - one program can position you in the top 5% of speakers earning $10,000+ per speaking gig.
    • GROUP COACHING/CONSULTING PROGRAMS where you are able to charge $2,000 - $10,000 per person.
    • ONLINE COURSES - Your program can be sold automatically and delivered as an online course. 
    • BOOKS  - Discover how to easily turn your program into a book without having to spend months or years writing a book. 
    • VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS  - Discover how to deliver highly transformative workshops from the comfort of your own home.
    • RETREATS & ADVENTURE - Love to travel? Learn how to host retreats based on your program.

    10. Learn how to enroll high-end clients.

    We will give you bonus access to my training for “How to Create Clients Quickly” so that you can immediately create clients for your Signature Program. Clients have implemented this to create $10,000 - $13,000 within weeks of completing the virtual workshop.

  • We've made the investment in this exceptional program

    so incredibly reasonable that it will

    easily pay for itself with just one client. We'll show you how!



    We've run this workshop dozens of times, so we've dialed this baby in

    to get you the outcomes with promise

    and a high-quality experience at an affordable price.

    Full Day Workshop w/ Love Seats + Breakouts

    The entire workshop is conducted ONLINE.

    It is a full day of hands-on help and breakout sessions to support you in getting it all done!


    A solid, no-fluff workshop delivered on an advanced video platform so you get all the benefits of a live, interactive workshop with zero travel time or expense.


    Plus, our breakout groups are one of the favorite parts of the program, according to our clients.

    My Virtual Workshop Formula Training

    Discover how to conduct Lucrative Virtual Workshops including templates and our full virtual workshop day (minute-by-minute agenda.

    2 Additional Group Coaching Calls

    In addition to the full day virtual workshop, we have 2 group calls to guarantee you get everything dialed-in for your specific situation.


    1 of the group calls is in preparation for the Virtual Workshop day.


    The other group call is following the workshop as a Follow-Up call.


    The workshop and all the calls are usually within a 1 week window.

    5 Module

    Video Training & Membership Site Materials

    In preparation for our virtual workshop together, you will get immediate access to our on-line video training library and materials presented in Vanessa's warm, conversational style.


    Therefore, to make the most of the virtual workshop & calls go through the materials in advance of our time together so that we can spend our time applying it to your specific business.

    Private Community of Professionals


    You will have lifetime access to interact in a private FB community.


    We feel blessed by the quality of clients we attract to the program, and you will too because you will get to interact with other high-caliber, heart-centered thought leaders who are an invaluable resource for feedback in the program.


    Included in the program, you receive immediate access to 5 modules of video training & step-by-step templates to optimally

    prepare you for the virtual workshop.


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    Module 1: Visioneering

    Discover how to step into your work as your most powerful self ... the place where selling really begins.

    • You will feel good that you're creating a signature program that is a Level 10 for you. Meaning, it is in what we call your "signature sweet spot" of what you love, what you are good at, and what the market would want most.
    • Finally get total clarity on the sweet spot where your passion and vision meets the most urgent needs of your market (and effective action steps you can take if you aren't quite there yet).
    • Start building your business around your Level 10 and drop the 7's, 8's and 9's that look like low-hanging fruit but actually steal time and energy.
    • Discover how to align your core values with your business so you replace stressful "driving and striving" energy with a natural style of grace and ease.
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    Module 2: Packaging

    Discover how to design your course so clients will eagerly sign up, stay for the entire program, and rave about their experience.

    • Get clarity about whom you serve as your ideal client for your signature program. End the dreaded, "what is your niche" question once and for all with our unique Values-Based Niching process. 
    • My proven "Problem-Solution Method" that simplifies and accelerates the way you market and fill your programs with qualified clients.
    • Apply Vanessa's 3 surprising techniques to develop meaningful Signature System content.
    • Use our template to help you outline the core curriculum of your Signature System (so you include exactly what you need to deliver your promised outcome).
    • Uncover your Thought Leadership profile to promote yourself and your expertise authentically without coming across as sales-y
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    Module 3: Pricing

    Tap into your client's psychology to create value for your services and reframe your cost

    • You will identify a price for your signature program that you feel confident to charge because of how well your program is designed. 
    • Understand how your pricing strategy contributes to your client's actual transformation (and the hidden benefits you know your clients will gain).
    • Fully analyze the decision structure of your clients as they decide whether to join your Signature Program to ensure the right ones say yes.
    • Use specific techniques to language the exponential benefits your client will enjoy when they thoroughly execute your steps.
    • Gain additional revenue from your Signature Program without doing extra work (and make it easier for more prospects to say "yes"). 
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    Module 4: Positioning

    Reach a lucrative audience for Your Signature Program and stand out from the competition so you can be premium and stop competing on price.

    • You will have a high-end signature program title with a clear outcome identified for your clients.
    • Tweak your focus so you stay in your sweet spot while attracting clients who are ready for your high-end signature system (hint: it's also a way I get dozens of quality referrals from existing clients).
    • Build an authentic brand that fully reflects the way you show up and the way serve others -- your personality and style that inspires clients to hire you because they want what you have what you're having.
    • Work with your "look book" and your special symbolism to distinguish your brand and make it truly your own.
    • Create your "Pique Interest" statement that gets your audience to say, "I get it - and I gotta have it!" (and they choose your program right away instead of going shopping).
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    Module 5: Delivering

    Give your clients a memorable VIP experience that exceeds their expectations and leads to a long-term relationship.

    • You will have a signature program and process outlined with specific modules that will help deliver the outcome you promise for your clients and a methodology for delivering your materials whether online or in person. 
    • Discover the 3 models of serving your clients via group to create extraordinary results (and a delivery that fits your sweet spot so you're as excited as your clients!).
    • How creating a community can deliver stronger benefits than exclusive one-on-one coaching.
    • The surprising way you dramatically enhance your clients' experience when you show up authentically.


    Our clients RAVE about our program materials. You have everything you need to

    design a high-end program you love and that is irresistible to your ideal clients.

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    Includes the formation of your Pique Interest statement so that you can answer the question "What do you do?" in a way that attracts your ideal clients eager to learn more about working with you.

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    You will have your Signature Program perfectly designed including specifics of identifying whom you serve, how to name your program and more, using our 6-Figure Signature Program One Sheet.

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    Determine the sweet spot pricing for your program to ensure you attract high-end clients and so your program is irresistible to them.

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    What makes your Signature Program unique is your story and unique process. We will determine the critical pieces of your story to include in your messaging so that your Signature Program resonates with your ideal clients.

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    You will walk away with every module outlined to uniquely capture your Intellectual Property and Thought Leadership so it not only delivers results, but is highly desirable to your ideal clients.


    broken image



    What to include, what not to include and how to create your own membership site for automated sales (and how to get a cash advance to create your program)!


    (Value: $197, Yours FREE)

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    Learn how to simply repurposing your Signature Program into the following income streams:

    • Virtual Workshops
    • Books
    • Speaking
    • Group Programs
    • VIP Days

    The price of this workshop is worth it to learn just ONE of these strategies. Get it all here with one leveraged strategy.


    (Value: $4,985, Yours FREE)

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    Discover how to quickly get a return on investment and create your first $10,000 within 30 days without needing fancy technology, paid advertising or funnels. You will see clients share their strategies and sample templates and materials they used that you can simply repurpose. This includes Vanessa's template on how to write Facebook post's that generate high-end clients.


    (Value: $497, Yours FREE)

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    Get out of the space of highly competitive low-end programs that require you to have a huge list to monetize properly. Discover how to stand out online and create a sought-after, high-end brand. This includes how to capture a high-end branding look with your photographer and all the shots you need for your online assets.


    (Value: $297, Yours FREE)

    broken image


    Access valuable videos, templates and tools to help create your own 5 Star Client Experience.


    (Value: $297, Yours FREE)


    Have there been clients that Vanessa just could not help?

    So far, there has never been a willing client that Vanessa "couldn't help." If you come with an open heart, do the homework and following the principles she teaches, she will help you package your work into a program you can sell.

    What if I am not sure exactly what my offer will be?

    No worries. That's what we are here to help you sort through. We will show you how to best decide between all your ideas to identify your Level 10 while also in line with what the market wants. We spend the first preparation call helping you choose a top idea then creating the framework you will implement and can use for any future programs you may wish to create. Literally, Vanessa has launched multiple six figure to million dollar programs using the Signature Sweet Spot framework you will learn.

    I understand that the rates are not guaranteed in the future. Can I sign up now for a future CREATE Your Signature Program and lock in the current rate?

    Absolutely! You have the ability to choose the Virtual Workshop date that works best for you. If there is any reason that you are unable to attend, you may transfer your attendance to any workshop within the next year, no problem.

    If I register now, will I have access to the materials right away even if I attend a future workshop?

    Yes. In fact, we encourage you to go through all the materials prior to your workshop. Clients have gotten unstuck and created clients just from the clarity they get from the materials. As soon as you enroll, you will be given immediate access to the program materials in a private membership area. In addition, you will be added to our Facebook community of other like-minded creators, which is a great place to begin getting feedback from Vanessa and your peers. The materials and community are the foundation for the magic that happens in the live virtual workshop.

    May I get a sample of the schedule?

    IMMEDIATELY ACCESS program materials.

    PREP CALL: Wednesday prior to Virtual Workshop ~90 minute call



    10:00-10:45 Welcome, Teaching Recap + Individual Love Seat (Packaging Part I)
    10:45-11:15 Time in Breakout Groups
    11:15-12:00 Teaching Recap + Individual Love Seat (Packaging Part II)
    12:00-12:30 Time in Breakout Groups
    12:30-1:00 Teaching Recap + Individual Love Seat (Positioning)

    1:00-1:20 -Lunch-

    1:20-2:00 Teaching Recap + Individual Love Seat (Delivery Methods)
    2:00-2:30 Time in Breakout Groups
    2:45-3:15 Teaching Recap + Individual Love Seat (Pricing)
    3:15 - 3:45 Time in Breakout Groups
    3:45-4:00 Wrap-up & Celebrations


    FOLLOW-UP CALL: Wednesday following Virtual Workshop ~90 minute call

    Do I have to attend the Virtual Workshop as well as all the other coaching calls live?

    Clients rave about the clarity the materials alone provide them. However, to get the complete experience and the full benefit of the program, we highly recommended that you attend live. It goes fast--start to finish it is all within a week window--so, very quickly we focus on making sure your program is complete and ready to sell without compromising quality.

    We do record each call, to which you can receive access. However, the individual attention that you receive from Vanessa and the participation in the breakout sessions are instrumental to achieving the outcomes promised.

    Does Vanessa herself lead the training during the Virtual Workshop? What about the other coaching calls?

    Absolutely! Vanessa leads and does the training on the Virtual Workshop Call personally. The prep call and follow up call are conducted by one of her highly trained coaches. There are also members of the Vanessa Horn Team available to assist on all calls. Your experience is one of our highest priorities.

    What is a Love Seat and will I get one?

    Vanessa conducts several "Love Seat" Coaching Sessions throughout the program. During each Love Seat she selects a participant to assist one-on-one and "deep-dives" into specific topics. These are very popular and not only help the person selected but also allows the other participants to immediately apply it to their specific situations. Vanessa does her best to do as many Love Seats as possible, but a Love Seat for everyone is not guaranteed. Selection is determined based on those who take fast action and complete their preparation work to formulate a clear question. So in other words.... register quickly!


    But no matter what, she will make sure your questions are answered.


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    "Above and beyond anything I would have expected."

    "I always felt valued -- truly a VIP. In my previous mastermind, I felt dismissed. From our very first strategy session, I immediately could tell you were warm and loving and the perfect coach for me! Your program goes above and beyond anything I would have expected."

    broken image

    "I now have a program, know my purpose & can easily explain what I do!"

    "I now have a program, know my purpose, can easily explain what I do, speak about the transformations I can provide and much more! For me, this is huge considering what I was doing before was just bringing non-targeted contacts periodically, and little to no communication.


    Vanessa is a genius with my branding, my message, and standing out. It is hard for me to connect and trust, but it was easy for me to do that with Vanessa. She can rephrase what you are trying to say in about 2 seconds before you can even blink and you are like 'What? How did you do that?'"


    ~ Carrie Brander, Post Bariatric Surgery Success Coach


    broken image

    "Vanessa helped me nail my program & messaging!"

    "Other mentors fluffed around the concept but never truly helped me nail it like Vanessa did.


    Vanessa's program guaranteed that she'd work with me until I got it right and that gave me confidence and motivation."

    ~ Suzanna Graczer

    broken image

    "Allowed me to step into my most authentic work and feel really confident."

    "For the first time in a long time, I felt heard and validated. It's nice to have someone help you draw out the desires of your heart without judgment. Our time together gave me the motivation to step into my most authentic work and feel really confident about it!"


    -- Molly Dalbec


  • "Immediately made my investment back!

    Now I'm up to $40,000 IN EARNINGS"

    Charity Bradshaw, Founder & Creator of the programs: LAUNCH, Author's Edition & Staying I Do.

  • "I was able to get clarity about my program"

    Danette Layne, Founder of Elegant Life Plan


    Hi, I'm Vanessa.

    This is why I created this program...

    I had a desire to share my message and help people with what I knew.

    I sold a business to be able to launch a new business online that would allow me share my message on a broader platform. However, I spent 18 months trying to navigate the world of coaching and online marketing trying to figure out the business model in a way that would allow me to bring in consistent income in a leveraged way.

    But I struggled to create consistent clients. 

    I spent over $100k in coaches and trainings but still struggled to create consistent clients. I saw other people creating success, but something wasn't clicking for me. I was devastated. I was left asking myself, "What am I not getting?"

    I figured out a system.

    I finally figured out how to create multiple six-figure income streams by simply repurposing work that I was already doing inspiring and motivating people .... and with the launch of my first online program, I earned $30,000 in just one week.


    I repeated the launch another 4 times that next year. Each time I earned $30,000, adding an additional 6 figures in coaching revenue.

    In my second year, I expanded my signature offerings and earned an additional $500,000. I'm not claiming that anyone will meet these levels: I'm simply showing you the possibilities.

    Everything in my life and business shifted into new levels of fulfillment and income.

    Other professionals began coming to me for help, and I helped them follow the system I created and they too, began to launch their own transformative programs, share their message and make substantial income streams quickly.


    I launched the SIGNATURE division of my company to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs to make their mark in life with their own high-end signature program.

    Now it is your turn...

    CREATE Your Signature Program is designed to support you in creating your own high-end signature program based on your expertise so that you can change lives and make good money with your transformative work and message.

    Will you join us?

  • Still Have Questions?

    We are here to make certain that this is the right fit for you

    and that the program will deliver everything you hope.


    Spots are limited!


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